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  1. A sober perspective on Deep Learning

    This is a short tutorial to compare the outcome of applying Deep Learning techniques to a text classification problem, using word embeddings and a convolutional neural network (CNN), via Keras (with Theano, for simplicity - but any Keras backend will do), GloVe embeddings, and a SciKit-Learn dataset. The original tutorial is taken from very useful blog read more

  2. My first visit to a volcano

    Actually, I already considered myself very lucky this year for visiting the jungle in the Amazons. I would have not thought I could repeat such an experience that soon again, but was proven wrong shortly after. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend spent some weeks in Spain and we used …

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  3. News, Swines & Pigs

    Usually, I prefer to steer free from the day-to-day mainstream news, yet even I have to accept a low level of "noise" if I want to know at least something about the most significant things going on. However, currently I get the overwhelming feeling that the whole news world is …

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  4. Amazonas 101

    Colombia is one of the most magnificent countries I have been so far. If you know a tiny bit of its history with all the bloody civil wars which have been almost continuously tormenting the country since the 40s, it is more than astonishing to find that the people themselves …

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  5. Travelling around Spain

    In the last few weeks I had been to Cadiz and Almeria, both in the south of Spain. Well, actually I was in none of those cities, but in places close by.

    The first trip was down to Cadiz, about 30 km south of the city some of our friends …

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  6. Skiing in Spain

    When I decided to move to Spain, I would never have thought of skiing here. There are the Pyrenees, where you could expect some areas, but I was not expecting anything anywhere else. Meanwhile, I have been skiing in Asturias (north, center) and Sierra Nevada (south, with a view of …

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