| Hi! I'm Florian, and I am [a Machine Learning Engineer living in Spain](Career%20Summary.md). | ![[me.jpeg\|150]] | | | | | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --- | This site contains my personal [blog](Florian's%20Blog.md), information about engineering management, and tons of snippets about software engineering, machine learning, and data science. I hope that by sharing this knowledge base, I can help others with similar information needs find lots of relevant content in one single location. Alternatively, this site provides an overview of the experience and expertise you can expect from me. Use the navigation bar (the **"burger" menu** in the _top left_ of your mobile) to find the content. In addition, I am a huge fan of [Anki cards](Anki%20cards.md) for [spaced repetition](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition). Recording and memorizing important knowledge makes it easy to find what I need in my daily work. The main focus of this KB is on techniques to collaborate efficiently as a high-performance team. For data science and machine learning projects, this site contains meta-guidance on running such projects and references for essential concepts. A secondary focus is to provide repeatable recipes for setting up your development environment, from the IDE and environment setup via testing & QA to continuous delivery.