Oct 2008

Zeitgeist Addendum: The Venus Project

I just sent a mail to some of my friends of whom I hope they might be interested in this subject. I am sure this will be a very hot topic in certain circles very soon; So I was giving this some thought if I should publish this entry on my blog or not. My final conclusion is that I give a damn if anybody can, will, must, etc. associate me with the content of this documentary I am describing and linking to here. I just think it is to important for humanity - and much more than 10to100 if you allow me this joke and understand it because you followed the news lately - than that it should be a question of my personal integrity needing protection, as the content is highly controversial and more anarchistic in its nature than anything I have encountered in my life so far.

However, before reading on, I want to remind you that you are a free person and as such are free to stop reading this blog or watching the documentary to which I will be linking you at any time - I think it is awesome, but I can well imagine you may not. Also, I saw the first Zeitgeist movie and thought it was rather extreme and not offering any solutions, just another of these “everything is bad” documentaries we have out there already, but no real content. Well, this second release just starts out the same again, and in the first twenty minutes (sorry, it will take two hours of your time, but if you like what I write here, I promise you, it’s worth every second) I was very tempted to turn it down had there not been the financial disaster in the US and my feeling that this documentary might give me some answers. I promise you, watching this movie will do way more than letting you understand what just has happened the last two weeks. Enough bla-bla, let’s see what you might be into and if you want to see it.

First, Zeitgeist: Addendum (which I think should be called Revelation…) will explain the current situation of the world and how things tie up to the situation we are in. If you do not understand this part, you might want to look at the first Zeitgeist, but it is actually irrelevant to the cause. The second part speaks straight from my heart, and what I, too, believe is true: we - as in humanity - now have the technology to create a self-sustainable, free, and, most importantly, equal society. It will also explain you why there is no long-term need for the military, the police, the government, laws, economy, and many other things we were trained/taught to believe are unrelenting (de:unbeugsam, es:irreductible), essential, and necessary elements of human society. This leads into the third part, showing you something I have never seen before: a possible future, and - this is why I stated that I have never seen this before - as a more beautiful vision than I had imagined even in my wildest dreams. This is probably the most crucial part of the whole movie: you can accept it or not, and I - obviously - cannot promise you (for now) that it all will become reality one day. But allow me to dream… Finally, and this is what makes this movie so exceptional, it explains you something I was missing in all these documentaries I have watched so far, even better than just a possible future: it gives you five very simple tasks to accomplish which will be more than sufficient to make this future our reality if we reach a, what they call, “critical mass” - although I still believe it is not a question of if we do it, just when (as in before we eradicate ourselves from this universe). OK, enough from me, I think the movie will either disgust you or whatever, or you will have the feeling I am just now having: my eyes were never that wide open (and no, yours truly is not on any drugs as in a similarly named movie ;-)).

Zeitgeist Movie Site (download and/or contribute)

The second and maybe much more important link is the one to the Venus Project itself, which is the core element of this movie. You will much better understand its implications after watching the movie, but feel free to give it a look right away. Essentially, TVP is implementing a post-scarcity economy where transparent, public technology and resource exchanges have replaced the monetary system and the current market economy while preserving productivity through cultural and social status incentives.

The Venus Project