Jun 2008

Witches and Terrorists

The recent reports on renditions of terrorism suspects have reached an alarming rate. Compare what happened during the middle ages and what is occurring now again with slightly different circumstances:

If you have one of these characteristics, you might be a witch/terrorist:

  • Red/Dark hair,
  • green/dark eyes,
  • female/non-caucasian.

If you are considered a “target” by these traits, you can be “rightfully” tortured by the inquisition/secret service.

Governments worldwide, including most likely yours, are actively ignoring our most basic rights in the name of “safety”. More and more people are disappearing into “black sites”, tortured and ill-treated for years and years - at levels where even the inquisition was not as bad as compared to what is happening here and now, today. On the other hand, we Japanese, EU, and US citizens have fought for so many centuries to arrive at a status where everybody should understand the necessity for human rights, free speech, etc.. It took two world wars and millions of deaths to realize these trivial facts. Now governments are openly taking away your rights from you again, trying to tell you they are “protecting” you from a threat that virtually does not exist. And even if it would exist, it does not give anybody the right to destroy the life of any living person at their very foundations. If you do not act now, you are either yourself approving that anybody, including you, may be tortured for the sake of “security”, or are ignorant enough to believe this will simply “go away” again some day.

Please, do not let this continue; do not let humanity fall back into a state that could be even worse than the middle ages. Any day you spend not protesting against these inhuman and useless acts of random force against humanity you are indirectly killing and torturing, too. Any day this continues, your rights will deteriorate.

If you do not protest or voice your opinion, you are indirectly granting the governments of this world with the right to kill and torture people at will. If you do not raise your voice, you, too, are part of this machinery, killing and torturing because your silence is set equal to agreeing to your government's actions in a democratic world. Act now, and raise your voice against this madness - while we still have the right of freedom of speech (or do we?).

POST-EDIT: On an interesting side note, the only petition where anybody worldwide can sign, has exactly 139 signees at the time of this writing. How sad…

POST-POST-EDIT: At least, there is an Amnesty International page against Guantanamo Bay and illegal US torture here, which almost 140,000 people have signed so far - even though I think it should be dozens of millions if humans were capable of using their head…

POST-3-EDIT: And another very good video from AI published yesterday on the subject: Torture can never be justified.