Sep 2007

Weekend Dance

As it is still summer time here in Madrid (well, at least for us northern foreigners), I just enjoyed a all-night open air DJing event in t-shirt and short pants this weekend. Remember this is Madrid, so nothing ended before the sun chased us away! It also was the first time I saw Massive Attack live, which turned out to be quite cool. They're not so much about an energetic performance, but you could imagine them as a mixture of Pink Floyd-ish showcasing and a De Phazz-like Mary Jane atmosphere... Anyway, great concert with about 50k visitors in a full arena. I even liked Sven Väth - but only only because I was standing next to a wall for his performance, so his BPMs were doubled by the wall's echo... Oh, and if you like slightly harder beats (they had tons of good old hardcore samples in their mixes), put you ears on Vitalic, at least live they rock! Another unknown tip and quite impressive was Digitalism. Have phun listening!