Welcome, stranger! I am Florian "fnl" Leitner, an Austrian living in his exile of choice: Madrid, Spain. To give you a better idea of what you will find on this blog, here is a bit of a background about me.

Back in 2001, I moved to Vienna to study molecular biology, and in the same year began working on computational biology; By the end of my first university year, I had landed a bioinformatics practical at Novartis, and have kept going ever since. My main areas of interest and my PhD is on machine learning and molecular biology, working on mathematical models and algorithms that enable computers to emulate (otherwise tedious) human tasks. Over the years I have been working with many imperative, declarative, and functional computer languages to tinker with a formidable number of libraries, frameworks, and environments for text and data mining. As of 2015, I have founded my own consulting company, Data Catalytics, and offer my services through it. Today, I provide real-time machine learning and natural language processing solutions for the most complex, cutting-edge data analytics problems. As a true machine teaching architect, I accompany my work all the way from design to (continuous) Cloud deployment. My remote consulting is appreciated by companies world-wide, in particular, the US market, and I cater to the biotech, pharma, finance, and banking sectors. Regarding further full professional details, feel free to take a look at my CV.

On a more personal level, I believe the declaration of the human rights has been the biggest achievement of humanity so far (now we only need to observe them…) I am a vivid defender of (personal) privacy and a supporter of all kinds of free/open software. Going even further, we might consider getting rid of copyright laws and the patent system: Our modern copyright laws were historically created by the Roman Catholic Church together with English, French, and German monarchs. During the Age of Enlightenment, copyright laws were explicitly designed to prohibit the spread of knowledge and censor information and effectively continue to do so to date. Patents, on the other hand, arguably only serve patent trolls and big-time corporations instead of protecting individuals (i.e., inventors). These artificial monopolies on pharmaceuticals, software, and other technology that are created by the patent system are degrading livelihoods, innovation and societal evolution. For example, patents on human genes are limiting our ability to prevent and cure cancer.

In terms of lifestyle, I love arts, traveling, nature, and Alpine sports and might once in a while write about some of the awe-inspiring places you can find on our planet. Finally, and most dear to my heart, is my family, that is my wife and two sons. For news and micro-updates, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@flowing). If you wish to discuss anything with me directly, please contact me via e-mail.