Aug 2011

No "Smart"-Phone, Please

Out of my strong opinions about privacy, I avoid the total exposure of my private life to governmental organizations and trans-national cooperations that you (maybe unconciously) subdue yourself by owning a "smart" phone and storing your whole life's data in the Cloud. And no, I am not being paranoid: There is hard evidence for the tracking (and now [EDIT in 2013] the sniffing) going on - Huxley and Orwell didn't even scratch the surface of what was to come… So don't waste your time trying to "Whats-App" me or convince me to contribute "content" via my mobile to "people marketing" (social network) sites. Yet another argument: my old-school phone cost me 20 Euros to buy, contract free, and costs be 9 Euros to run, per month - roughly, about one quarter the cost of "smart"-phones. In other words, I am saving a small holiday every year, or about 500 Euros. Don't tell me again you are saving money because you now have Whats-App... On top of all that, it frightens me to see - in restaurants and bars, at dinner tables at home, or in any other place people normally would talk to each other - more and more people turn into "Matrix dummys" that rather stare at their gadget than actually interact with each other.