Oct 2007


If you don't know what GEO-4 (4th Global Environment Outlook) is, it is about high time to get you informed. This is a recent publication by the United Nations, explaining why this planet's ecosystem and the human race is close to the point of no return, facing (unavoidable) extinction. Let's hope this is what the authors (390 scientist backed by another 1000 reviewers) intend it to be: the final "wake up call" for all of us.

To provide you a few facts:

We are currently, on a total, using 30 % more resources than earth can provide for us; water contamination is the number 1 cause of death worldwide; we are overfishing at a rate of 250 %; major regions of the world's oceans having become oxygen dead zones (i.e. lifeless); in Africa, food production over the past 20 years has declined by more than 10 %; somewhere between today and 2100 we will have reached a global warming level which will lead to inevitable ("point of no return") extinction of the ecosystem (i.e. incl. humanity) - oh well, I could go on... this report is approx. 400 pages! The only positive news I could mine: at least the ozone layer will be recovering - although currently, the Antarctic hole is still growing, being larger today than ever before. The real message behind all this: We have to act *now*!

One last warning: this might be the most depressing news you ever encountered, yet also the most important if you were not aware of these facts (I surely wasnt aware of that many....)