Jul 2013

A new "home" for fnl.es

After months of looking for a loophole in my calendar to migrate my rather outdated and mostly untended Blogger site to something more modern, I have found the ideal timing: The birth and arrival of my son, Alexander LV (@AlexThe55th)! (Because here in Spain even daddies get two to three weeks off.)

Alexander taking a sun bath.

I will reduce the amount of personal entries and augment the articles about (mostly biological) data mininig issues, in particular related to text mining and software engineering. Now and then I intend to throw in some issues about privacy, human rights, travelling and all those other things that interest me and make life worth living.

As blogging framework I have decided to move on to Pelican, because it is Python-based, generating extremely light-weight static pages from ReST files. This allows me to easily maintain the blog from any terminal and its pythonic origins allow me to hack the framework if need be.